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There are a range of benefits with private medical insurance from full flexibility of appointment times, a choice of experienced specialist consultants and high quality surgeons to guarantee you will be seen quickly.

Sickness absence costs UK businesses an estimated £29bn a year. (PwC 2013)

If any of your people become unwell and unable to work, or if they are struggling at work with physical or mental health problems, you want them helped quickly so they can be safely back and performing for your business. Private Medical Insurance can help your people get early assessment and high quality treatment of their health problems. VavistaAssured works with a panel of insurers to provide the cover you need for your people and your business at a price you can afford.

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Don’t have an employee wellness scheme?

If you do not yet offer a company wellness programme to your employees, then our sister company VavistaWellness will be happy to discuss options and costs with you. A wellness programme can help to control cost of sickness immediately and help future-proof your company against large premium increases.

Sickness cost calculator

Our site hosts a free calculator which allows you to assess the potential cost of sickness to your company.

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