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Private Medical Insurance

What is Private Medical Insurance & why do I need it?

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Health Cash Plan

What is a Health Cash Plan & why do I need it?

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Why do I need private medical insurance when there’s the NHS?

The NHS is at the heart of healthcare in the UK and provides diagnosis and treatment for all, free at the point of delivery. However, people often make the choice to buy Private Medical Insurance for the following reasons:

  • Fast access to diagnosis, scans, treatments and therapies
  • Access to some discretionary treatments that are not always available on the NHS eg: for some sporting injuries
  • Access to the latest treatments and drugs, as soon as they are approved
  • Choice of hospitals and consultants
  • Specialist support teams provided by insurers
  • Private GP telephone helplines

Medical Health cover ranges from:

Basic Private Health

  • Covers the costs of most inpatient treatments and day-care surgery

More Comprehensive Policies

  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Extensive cancer cover
  • Hospital Allowances
  • Lump sum if a child is diagnosed with cancer
  • Phone consultations with physiotherapists
  • No claims bonus

What is a Health Cash Plan?

A Heath Cash Plan provides money to reimburse you for the costs of many everyday healthcare bills such as prescription charges, dental and optical charges, therapies and initial consultations.

You pay your bill, submit a claim online and get reimbursed for the money you have spent up to certain limits each year.

Why do I need a Health Cash Plan?

Fortunately, most people do not regularly need major medical interventions, but many regularly spend some money on managing their day to day health needs. Some of those costs can begin to mount up, particularly if you need something extra like a course of physiotherapy or some unexpected dental work. A Health Cash Plan can repay some of these costs, making your budget go a bit further.

Health Cash Plans do not meet the costs of major medical treatment but they are cheaper than Private Medical Insurance and the costs do not normally change with age.

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